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Chana Puri & Halwa Puri

Chana Puri & Halwa Puri is our most popular menu. Our Desi breakfast dishes are known for our delicious taste and best quality infused into our Chana Puri and Halwa Puri Bradford. We never compromise on the quality of food, and this has made us win the hearts of our customers.

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What makes us so much popular with Sweet Centre?

We started working back in the year 1964 and have grown to a popular name for delivering delicious Asian sweets (mithai), authentic Desi Breakfast.

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What are we specialise in?

  • Desi Breakfast

Has your day started with our delicious Chana, Halwa Puri Bradford with the mouth-watering combo of the fried chapatis and spicy chickpeas? Place your order now!


How do you define Halwa puri as a Breakfast?

Halwa poori breakfast is traditionally done in Indian and Pakistani cultures. It features semolina pudding (halwa) and has the combo of the soft fried dough known as poori.

Sweet Centre Restaurant is your ultimate source to get all the best products that are completely made by considering quality and tradition in mind. For the last few years, we have earned a reputable name by providing high-class dishes including best halwa puri near me made from locally sourced ingredients.

We are providing our customers food products with the motive of “no compromise on the quality.” We have been continuing with our tradition for the last 5 decades and thus encourage our growth by staying in a friendly environment and focusing on productivity and performance.

Placing an order on our Halwa Puri in Bradford site is quite easy and straightforward. You simply have to place the order, simply with one click, your order will be ready for you.

If you really want to grab the taste of the delicious and best Halwa Puri near me, then without wasting any time, place your order now!

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